1. Railway transportation

Our services in the field of railway transportation:

-  Preparing of export-import rail transportation by all types of wagons and containers

-  Organizing of transportation.

-  Organizing of internal rail transportation in Turkmenistan

-  Operating of own empty wagons on the territory of Turkmenistan.

-  Making a plan for sending wagons.

-  Transportation of dangerous, oversized cargo and heavy cargo, and also freighting by special conditions.

-  Sending, receiving and redirecting cargo at railway stations

-  Giving information on transshipment and transit of goods through terminals and borders, etc.

    CJSC “Demiryolchy” freight forwardering company, officially carries out freight forwarding by rail. Due to this, we offer you on the territory of Turkmenistan minimal railway tariffs for the transportation of export-import and transit cargo. The cost of transportation by territory of Turkmenistan, we will calculate in a few hours. Getting the cost of transportation by other territories of the countries, it will take one or several days.

   We have agreements with some of the railway forwarding companies of the CIS, Baltic, Iran, Afghanistan, China, and other European and Asian countries, so we are ready to offer you rail transportation of goods on their territory by minimal and, most importantly, promptly calculated railway tariffs.

2. Consulting services

Our consulting services:

-  Developing and optimizing of transport schemes

-  Advising on freight forwarding

-  Services of planning and organizing of cargo transportation

-  Choosing of the optimum wagons

-  Getting the necessary permits for the transportation by the port, for export, in a specialized wagons

-  Developing of schemes and getting of approval of technical conditions for loading, including atypical and oversized cargo

-  Making of operational calculation of the cost and the provision of integrated tariff rates

-  Preparing of contracts and coordination with the partners of the transportation (railroad administrations, owners of wagons, etc.)

-  Accompanying claims to the participants of the transportation process, in the event of violations of the terms of delivery of goods

-  Consultations on optimization of transport costs and preparation of transport documents

-  Providing information of the rules for the carriage of goods and other regulatory documents

-  Providing reference information on the current conditions of transportation and freight forwarding, rules, tariffs and other parameters.

    We provide our clients with the opportunity to get reference information very quickly  on a wide range of issues related to the preparation of any transportation, starting from the application, receiving the consultation, supporting information and conducting all calculations before and after transportation.