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About company

The founder of CJSC “Demiryolchy” is the Ministry of Railway Transport of Turkmenistan. The company was established on February 13, 2014 as part of the development of the logistics direction.

CJSC “Demiryolchy” provides a wide range of services related to the carriage of goods by rail and has several representative offices in Turkmenistan.

Mission of the company: We ensure the reliability and stability of economic relations, simplifying the organization of cargo transportation by professional solution of cargo problems of cargo owners. The company seeks to minimize the material and time costs of customers. Thus, allowing our customers to concentrate on the specific tasks of their business.


• Professionalism - the use of scientific developments in the field of transport technology and a systematic approach to the organizing of any type of transportation.

• Efficiency - application of advanced information and communication technologies for interaction with the client, as well as in operational management and accounting

• Convenience - ease of communication, support, help at any time